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Pumpkin Spiced Bundt Cake

With such an amazing haul of  pumpkins and butternut squash harvested from the allotment this year, I was on the lookout for a new recipe to use this produce. I have always been a fan of Nigella, and her new … Continue reading

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Who said Autumn had to be dull and grey?

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Pruning Pepper Plants

I am an avid chilli and sweet pepper grower and these are always the first seeds that I sow during the year. My chilli sowing starts in my heated propagator in February as the seeds need heat to germinate and  are notoriously … Continue reading

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Spuds galore in10″ pots …..update

A very quick visual update of how my potatoes in 10″ pots are doing.  They seem to be thriving in the garden; not surprisingly with all of the rain that we have experienced lately but I’m well impressed with the … Continue reading

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Spuds galore in 10″ pots…….

I am an avid YouTuber, preferring to watch the videos rather than star in them and I recently came across a gardening channel called Home Grown Veg.  Now as far as I can gather, he grows his fruit and veg … Continue reading

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Sweet strawberries in mind……

So my Easter Monday was really busy doing my seedlings and transplants in the greenhouse due to the ever changing weather, but today was a whole new ball game! The weather at least was on my side, but for how … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Sow……..

This Easter Monday bank holiday weather was very unpredictable; one minute blowing gales and wind then into calm blue and white skies thereafter. Then next the dark clouds descended upon bringing with them torrential downpours giving me the oppourtune moment to … Continue reading

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