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Enriching your soil with leaf mould

Autumn is the time of year that I used to absolutely dread. I used to be in constant battle with the trees that grow outside the front of my house on the grass verge. For weeks there would be times … Continue reading

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Stuck in the mud!

Getting stuck in the mud was not one of the ways how I planned to spend my Sunday afternoon, but that is exactly what happened. I was on my way to the allotment plot today to help my neighbour who … Continue reading

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Debb’s ‘Delia Day’

I’ve just posted another article to the press today and if you are interested in having it read, it can be found here.   I want to try and keep this blog mainly for fruit and veg related articles (as that … Continue reading

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Give thanks for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated across the pond with our cousins in America and Canada, where people give thanks for what they have. It is a family orientated holiday, sometimes celebrated more than the Christmas period where people take … Continue reading

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Lois Lane….I’m after your job!

Well guys, it’s official!  I’m now a newspaper journalist!  I have just posted my first newspaper article and feel really chuffed that the editor accepted to publish my work.  You can read the first ever article here. My blog originally … Continue reading

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John the Giant Veg Master

It was lovely and bright up the allotment on Sunday morning. A very fresh autumnal morning where the sun was shining high up in the sky. I’ve not visited the allotment this early on morning for a very long time … Continue reading

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Effective mulching

Not only do weeds in the garden look unsightly but they can also affect the growth of your plants by competing for water and nutrients. Mulching around plants is an effective way of preventing weeds from appearing on the surface … Continue reading

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Feeding the birds – Part 2

Thanks to Jason for his comment on feeding birds in winter. I felt that his comments warranted and truly deserved a post of its’ own…… ‘Feed birds little and often as a regular supply of food will keep the birds … Continue reading

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Feeding birds in Winter

When the cold weather strikes, the chances of birds visiting our gardens increase dramatically. Food for birds is very scare and hard to come by in the winter months, especially when the ground is covered with a thick blanket of … Continue reading

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Spot light on ……Pumpkins and Squash

Winter squash come in a vast array of sizes, shapes and colours and are relatively easy to grow.  They are a member of the curcurbit family that includes cucumber, melon, marrow and courgettes. There a predominately two types of plants – bushes and trailing; both … Continue reading

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