Spuds galore in10″ pots …..update

Potatoes 29th May

Potatoes 29th May

A very quick visual update of how my potatoes in 10″ pots are doing.  They seem to be thriving in the garden; not surprisingly with all of the rain that we have experienced lately but I’m well impressed with the foliage that they are displaying.  They were all topped up to the top of their pots around the beginning of May as their leaves were poking through the soil, but we were still experiencing frosts.  They seem to have come through the cold stages unscathed.

Filling out nicely 8th June

Filling out nicely 8th June


Since taking these pictures, they have displayed their flowers and look even fuller than they do in the photos.  I am really hoping for good results from this experiment and if Home Grown Veg’s potato reveals are anything to go by, then I should be ok. Here’s hoping for great results beneath the soil as well as above!


Watch this space for harvesting results in a couple of weeks!

Happy diggin’


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