Spuds galore in 10″ pots…….

I am an avid YouTuber, preferring to watch the videos rather than star in them and I recently came across a gardening channel called Home Grown Veg.  Now as far as I can gather, he grows his fruit and veg in his back garden as I have yet to hear him mention or see him on an allotment plot.  One of the things that inspired me to continue watching and inevitably subscribe to his future videos, was growing veg in 10inch pots on his patio.

imageMost of these pots that he uses are in fact recycled flower buckets that he purchased from Morrisons, roughly 10p per pot!  I do, in fact have some of these pots around my garden as I use them for growing my chillies and tomatoes in the greenhouse, so I was halfway there to following along.

He occasionally uses recycled compost from his plants that have already provided him with a crop and would have otherwise been destined for the compost heap.  The veg that inspired me the most was growing salad potatoes in 10″ pots.  I was very sceptical at the yield that these relatively small pots would produce until I saw his returns from the one seed potato that he had sown in each pot. Roughly around 1.5 – 2lbs per pot.  Not a bad return for one potato and recycled compost.

He had also experimented with growing potatoes that he has purchased at his local supermarkets for consumption rather than buying specific certified seed potatoes.   He simply keeps a few specimens back and keeps them dry and cool in the bottom of his fridge until he is ready to use them, by that time they would have started to imagedevelop chits ready to start growing.  So my afternoon today was spent potting up 25 pots of Charlotte salad potatoes. Not all in 10″ (10 litre) pots, but also in 35 litre pots too.  One seed  in the smaller 10″ pots and 3 seed potatoes in the larger pots.  Guess I won’t run out of spuds later in the year.

Home Grown Veg YouTube channel is definitely worth a look and stay tuned for my details on the carrots in 10″ pots too!!!!!

Happy diggin’


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3 Responses to Spuds galore in 10″ pots…….

  1. Love your pics and gardening projects. I’m not much of a gardener myself, but I like reading about it. Happy gardening.

  2. I’m also an avid You Tube watcher, thanks for the link, I’ll go and take a look.

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