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Resisting temptation in favour of recycling!

After ordering a few plants or seeds a while ago from a few online fruit and veg merchants, I have been inundated with their glossy gardening catalogues ever since.  At first I was quite excited to receive these in the post (sad heh!), … Continue reading

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Garden centre goodies!

On Saturday I visited one of my favourite garden centres. Not for anything in particular, just to kill a bit of time as it was my hubbies birthday and I was early for his surprise family party! It also gave me … Continue reading

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Pre packaged fruit and veg

I recently wrote another article about how the supermarkets waste tons and tons of perfectly good fruit and veg simply because their sell by date has expired.  The article can be found by clicking the link below if you would … Continue reading

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More space means more manure!

Sunday morning and yet again I find myself at the stables with a mission of grabbing many more bags of horse manure. The stable hands are laughing at me “saying you again”! The reason I’m back at the stables for … Continue reading

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Heat for your seeds in the midst of winter!

I am so eager and keen to get my crops off to a thriving start this month that I used some of the money I received at Christmas and treated myself to a heated propagator.  I thought a lot about … Continue reading

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Organising seeds for sowing

Before I really took an interest in growing fruit and vegetables, I didn’t really give a lot of thought to when you would sow seeds. It all seemed like such a minefield. Even the backs of the seed packets for … Continue reading

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Manure mountain!

I spent most of my morning today wearing my overalls and Wellington boots, wading knee-high in what we ‘GYO’ers call Black Gold – horse manure. An old friend of mine, mentioned that there was a pile of free manure going to anyone … Continue reading

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What to do now in January

Happy New Year to you all and my apologies for the late posting for what jobs to do now for January.  The Christmas holiday period is always a busy affair at my home and I have struggled to find the … Continue reading

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