More space means more manure!

Sunday morning and yet again I find myself at the stables with a mission of grabbing many more bags of horse manure. The stable hands are laughing at me “saying you again”!

The reason I’m back at the stables for manure so soon after my last batch, is twofold. First of all, I have a couple of willing volunteers who are more than happy to help me bag, carry and empty the contents onto my raised beds and secondly I have also acquired another half plot.

I’m so excited about getting much more space because that now opens up more growing opportunities for me.

I have been given another half a plot from a current allotment holder. Due to a family bereavement he feels that he can no longer manage the full sized plot and has kindly offered me the extra space as he knew how keen I was to have a poly tunnel.

The half a plot consists of two very large sized raised beds. One of these beds is destined for a new poly tunnel when I can find a reasonably priced one whilst the other will be my new pumpkin patch housing many varieties of pumpkins and squashes as I can fit in.

Although the soil is already in a very workable condition, I know pumpkins and squashes are a very greedy crop. My aim is to put as many bags of well rotted manure on the beds as soon as possible. This will allow all the goodness to be absorbed into the soil ready for late April or early May when I will be ready to put my transplants in their final position.

I really can’t wait to see the ground covered with sprawling and trailing vines adorned with all the odd shaped squashes.

Happy digging’

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4 Responses to More space means more manure!

  1. susanbaker60 says:

    That’s fantastic news how exciting. I would love an allotment I am going to put my name on the list I have decided. Nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes. I love growing fruit and veg its so rewarding. I hope you have a good crop of squashes to reward you for the muck shoveling! Have fun

    • Thanks Sue. I really hope to reap loads of Pumpkins and squashes as they are one of my favourite vegetables but they do require a lot of space. The muck shovelling will definitely be worth it! Debb

  2. Very exciting to have more space, the volunteers and the muck. Start saving those pumpkin recipes.

    • Will do Jean. I’m looking forward to them growing. I plan on creating some frames to encourage some of them to grow vertically too. I’ll post pics and keep you updated. Debb.

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