Manure mountain!

I spent most of my morning today wearing my overalls and Wellington boots, wading knee-high in what we ‘GYO’ers call Black Gold – horse manure. An old friend of mine, mentioned that there was a pile of free manure going to anyone who had the ways and means of collecting it. He also mentioned to me how high the pile was and how much muck was there to collect for free. I certainly didn’t need telling twice!  I booked the van off my husband for the morning, made sure that I had plenty of empty compost bags and headed out to pick up my friend.  Luckily for us the weather was being considerably kind to us.  No matter how many times my friend tried to tell me how big the pile actually was, I still didn’t quite grasp the enormity of the bank of manure until I drove around the bend at the stables.

The look on my face as we neared the bank of horse manure said it all. It was the complete look of astonishment and amazement as I had never seen so much horse manure piled so high in my life!!!

IMG_8908IMG_8907 IMG_8917

Google Earth view

It’s so big, I looked it up on Google Earth and it’s visible from there!

After speaking to one of the stable hands, he went on to tell us that some of the manure that we were actually taking away could be as old as 10 to 15 years old. There were just banks and banks of well rotted manure as high as you could see. There were also piles of the fresh stuff as the stable hands were merrily wheeling the fresh produce out with their wheelbarrows and dumping in a new area.

A new path had to be constructed using the fresh stuff as most of the well rotted stuff had been dug out lower down and the stable owners were in fear of the tunnelling causing the pile to collapse. It was clearly evident which was the well rotted stuff and which was the freshly piled stuff.IMG_8909 IMG_8911

Roy, the stable hand assured us that all of the fresh manure would have rotted down nicely and be ready and waiting for us again during the autumn months and there was no fear of the pile disappearing for many years yet.

So thanks to Derek for mentioning it to me and for also taking the time to come with me and help me to fill the 20 or so bags. I promise not to tell anyone about you falling over in the ‘quicksand’ otherwise known as sodden manure!!

Whoops!! 🙂

Happy digging’

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12 Responses to Manure mountain!

  1. Barbara says:

    lol bet you and the van smelt lovely xxxx

  2. What a fabulous gift for the garden. It really is gold.

  3. Looks very familiar that! Pops and I played with something similar before Christmas.

  4. I’ve never used horse manure, but we still have a healthy pile from the cattle. Makes for some good gardening!

  5. writersandy says:

    So healthy for the garden, but sure wouldn’t want to fall into it.

  6. Bishop says:

    Your post encouraged me to look around the local area…..I may be in luck, I have three “free” resources for aged horse manure. The only cost is the effort ….. Thanks for the kick in the butt to get moving!

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