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Why so many loo rolls?

Some of my friends and family have been asking what on earth I do with all of the toilet cardboard rolls that they have been collecting for me over the last few weeks. I thought I would just show you … Continue reading

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Resisting temptation in favour of recycling!

After ordering a few plants or seeds a while ago from a few online fruit and veg merchants, I have been inundated with their glossy gardening catalogues ever since.  At first I was quite excited to receive these in the post (sad heh!), … Continue reading

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Recycle tip # 4 – Newspapers

When planting my veg today I used layers of newspapers in between my plants to help keep the weeds down, acting as a mulch. The layers of newspapers were laid between the plants with a top layer of soil on … Continue reading

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Recycle tip #2 – Cardboard tubes

The inner tubes within toilet and kitchen rolls are most useful to use for seeds that either require deep roots or hate to be disturbed when being transplanted. They also make ideal first starter pots for most plants rather than … Continue reading

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