Stuck in the mud!

Getting stuck in the mud was not one of the ways how I planned to spend my Sunday afternoon, but that is exactly what happened.

I was on my way to the allotment plot today to help my neighbour who had so kindly offered to fix and reinforce my greenhouse that had been damaged with all of the torrential rain and gale force winds that we were having. I say help my neighbour fix my greenhouse; the only thing he allowed me to do was actually make the tea as he most definitely had things in hand. Hey, I wasn’t going to complain that someone was offering to do things for me!

The only reason that he asked for me to come was because he needed a stepladder that couldn’t fit in his car, so he asked if I could bring ours from home in the back of my husband’s van. My husband has a VW transporter and I drive it on regular occasions, but today I really wish that I hadn’t decided to drive the van onto the allotment grounds. Now normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this, and have on many occasions driven the van directly up to my plot, but I didn’t anticipate that all the rain we have experienced lately would have turned the allotment gravel driveway into a completely undriveable muddy pit.

I would describe myself as a fairly confident driver, having passed my test at the age of 19, but as the front wheel was spinning deeper and deeper into the mud I felt like just hiding my head in shame. Lucky for me there was no one around to witness my humiliation. Apart from Andy, my neighbour, that is.

After a little determination and a lot of perseverance, I managed to drive the van part way towards my plot. I decided it was best not to risk driving directly in front of the plot due to the commotion I had just getting onto the site, and proceeded to gather the tea making facilities and step ladder from the van and walk them, (yes I did say walk), them to my plot. For those who know me you’ll know that I’m not a big advocate of exercise, unless it is related to gardening and normally the only walking that I do is to and from my car!

Anyway, due to the walking of about 100 yards, I decided that while Andy was fixing my greenhouse and the kettle was boiling, I could make use of the time. The piles of bark that were laying around near our plots were saving no purpose this time of year and could be put to much better use by creating an useable, mud less driveway to prevent the torture of me having to walk to the plot in the future! My the original plan was just to use the wheelbarrow and dump as many loads as my back would allow onto the driveway in front of mine and Andy’s plot. But as it started to take shape and look so much neater Andy joined me and between us we spent the next hour distributing the big pile of bark chippings into a completely new driveway.

This gathered the attention of the very few allotmenteers that had decided to check on their plots this Sunday morning, who were noticeably very impressed on how much better the driveway looked and how much more usable it was for vehicles.

Now, not to blow my own trumpet, I knew it would be a good idea, albeit for selfish reasons.

But hey, who apart from me and my possible humiliation knew my motives?

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8 Responses to Stuck in the mud!

  1. Mark Willis says:

    Nice one, Debb! That’s what I call “Thinking on your feet”…

  2. Anna B says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had the bad weather, you’ve used some good creative thinking there though to turn things into a better situation!

  3. Diane Hunt says:

    Hi Debbi, I’m very impressed not only with your resourcefulness but your ability to walk more than few yards WELL DONE! x

  4. I’ve done the same thing debb, i drove my transit Van on the grass along side our plot and also got stuck and could do with a nice drive way! so crack on and get mine done lol “I’ll bring the tea you make it”

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