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Giant Cabbage – Final Update

Well, we finally did it.  We harvested our giant cabbages that have been growing happily for the last few months.  surprisingly, they both had very little pest damage – just a few nibbles here and there on the outside leaves. … Continue reading

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Giant Cabbage Update 3

 My how they’ve grown! The cabbages seem to be thriving well with the growing conditions that they have. I’m so proud of them! They are the first thing that I look at when I go to the allotment and they … Continue reading

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Giant Cabbage Update 2

All’s well with the giant cabbages this week. The growth from the recent sunshine has really started to show. Although these 2 are the ones that I believe are destined for glory, the cabbages in the brassica cage are also … Continue reading

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Giant cabbage update 1

All is going really well with the cabbages. I’m really pleased with their progress. The last span measurement was approx 28″. Both specimens are spreading out and have no sign of bug infestation and definitely not caterpillar nibbled leaves. The … Continue reading

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John the Giant Veg Master

It was lovely and bright up the allotment on Sunday morning. A very fresh autumnal morning where the sun was shining high up in the sky. I’ve not visited the allotment this early on morning for a very long time … Continue reading

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