Lois Lane….I’m after your job!

Well guys, it’s official!  I’m now a newspaper journalist!  I have just posted my first newspaper article and feel really chuffed that the editor accepted to publish my work.  You can read the first ever article here.

My blog originally started off as a way of me keeping myself up to date with what was happening on my new allotment and helping me to keep track of the gardening jobs that I had to do. Now I feel as though it’s branching out like a great oak tree and developing into so much more!

Do other bloggers feel the same? Do you ever wonder how your blog grew into what it is today?  Has your blog developed into a platform beyond your expectations? Well mine surely has! I can read back through my previous posts and see where they have improved in appearance and content as I learned a new skill.

Learning skills such as:

  • saving draft copies to amend later
  • scheduling posts for publishing on a set day
  • adding images and aligning them on the page
  • adding copyright free images based on the keywords in your text
  • looking at the HTML code of the page
  • changing formatting of the text
  • inserting hyperlinks to other pages of interest

All of these tasks mentioned, I learned as I went along.

Ok, so now I feel like I’m at the Oscars delivering a speech of the century, but I just want to show my appreciation to all those people who have made my blog and press articles such a success.

In no particular order!

  • my manager at work who initially planted the seed for the whole blogging idea and told me many of the additional features to enhance the appearance of my posts and how to connect my site to other webpages and services
  • a big mention has to go to my ‘Irish twin’ sister for first contacting the newspapers on my behalf and giving me the confidence to believe in what I do and encouraging me to develop my writing skills
  • my friends and family who listen, (or switch off in some cases), at the mere mention of anything to do with digginwivdebb
  • and of course I have to give thanks to all of my readers and followers who are interested in what I have to say and give me the excuse to carry on writing!

Happy diggin’


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8 Responses to Lois Lane….I’m after your job!

  1. well done debb, your blog is always first on my list to check out! Your passion really does show in your blog posts. Local paper? Next you go global or maybe a digginwivdebb magazine ha!

  2. Hasu Patel says:

    Excellent! that’s progress so proud to be related to you….

  3. Sue Davies says:

    Well done you deserve it you work hard xxxx

  4. suburbanstead says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful work.

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