Feeding the birds – Part 2

Thanks to Jason for his comment on feeding birds in winter. I felt that his comments warranted and truly deserved a post of its’ own……

‘Feed birds little and often as a regular supply of food will keep the birds coming into your garden. By putting little amounts of food out at a time you will ensure the food stays fresh.

You can feed birds all through the year as spring and summer can also be a time where birds struggle to find food and water. If you do feed birds in the spring make sure the food you supply is very small as baby birds can choke of large food particles.

We all know bread is a cheap way to feed birds but it contains little nutritional value so I wouldn’t recommend using it. Instead use nuts, seeds, apples and fat balls, but please remove the netting from around peanuts and fat balls as birds do get their feet stuck and can die!

If you have a gardens filled with lots of seed bearing plants like sunflowers or teasels for example leave the seed heads for the birds during the winter. The birds get a free meal and when the seed heads get a coating of frost they add extra interest to your garden.

Where you can also try to use bird feeders made from metal and wire as this will stop squirrels from trashing your feeds. Also clean your feeders with hot soapy water every few weeks as this will help to ensure your birds stay free from disease’ ….

Happy digging’


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2 Responses to Feeding the birds – Part 2

  1. MrsYub says:

    This, with the other post , is great! I’ve pinned both. We do not encourage the birds ourselves so much as we have three cats, but we still get an awesome show, with the rosellas and the honey eaters and the galas, and the white cockees, and magpies, kurawongs, etc!

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