Ready, Set, Sow……..

This Easter Monday bank holiday weather was very unpredictable; one minute blowing gales and wind then into calm blue and white skies thereafter. Then next the dark clouds descended upon bringing with them torrential downpours giving me the oppourtune moment to change my gardening plans. So today I wasn’t going to let the weather get the better of me.  I was going to continue on with my gardening escapades regardless of what the weather decided to throw at me.  I decided to spend the time in the greenhouse catching up with my seed planting.

I had a very productive afternoon. I transplanted my lettuce seedlings and my beetroot seedlings, planted many varieties of pumpkins and squashes along with outdoor cucumbers and gherkins. I sowed some more pea seeds in my guttering in my greenhouse and transplanted my tomato seedlings that were looking a little bit worse for wear. I’m hoping that they will all catch up over the next few weeks if we get some decent sunshine.

I also planted various types of basil, to be used as companion planting along with my tomatoes. I planted sweet basil, Greek basil and lemon basil. I’m not holding out much hope for my thyme and mint seeds as these were seeds that I had in my seed pack for quite a few years, but as I had a little spare soil and a few extra pots, I thought what was the harm. If they grow, then that’s great I will find a place for them. If they don’t grow, over the next 3-4 weeks then I will just repurpose the soil and the pot for something else.

I also made use of my root trainers that I bought a few months ago. I potted these up with two varieties of sweetcorn. I know that if all of them grow this should be 100 plants!!!. I know yes you’re thinking what is she going to do with 100 plants of sweetcorn if they all do decide to germinate? However I like to grow seeds and I get so much satisfaction from giving them away to others.  So here’s hoping to great germination with all my newly planted seedlings and speedy growth with all my transplants so that others may also benefit from my labours.

Happy diggin’


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4 Responses to Ready, Set, Sow……..

  1. Webmaster says:

    It’s great to hear what other people are doing, to give me ideas.

  2. Amazingly productive afternon Debb! Phew. I’m exhausted just reading about all those tasks 😊

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