Tomato seeds at the ready!

So the varieties of tomatoes that I’m growing this year are as follows;

* Sweet Aperitif (cherry)

* Alicante (medium cordon)

* Shirley (medium cordon)

* Oxheart (beefsteak)

* Red pear (cherry)

I have also sown a few unknown varieties. These were tomatoes that were donated to me after seeing a great specimen that had grown. They are collectively named after the people who provided them to me.

* Momma Love (beefsteak)

* Richard (cherry)

* Mini Mej (bush cherry)

Seeds at Day 2 germination

Seeds at Day 2 germination

The first seeds off the block in the heated propagator are the unknown variety courtesy of an allotment friend named Richard. He mentioned that these varieties produced an abundance of tomatoes on his plot, outside his greenhouse.

Seeds at Day 7 germination

Seeds at Day 7 germination

He allowed me to help myself to a few of the stray tomatoes still left on the plant which I then soaked in water for a few days to remove the outer jelly like membrane, then dried on a plate ( no kitchen paper added as I had learned from experience that the seeds, when dried, tended to stick to the paper making it difficult to remove them) and then stored in a paper envelope ready for planting this year. I was very surprised that these were the first tomatoes from all of the varieties that I had grown to first rear their heads. I have grown many more seeds than I need, yet again, but this is so I can pass them on and share with others fellow allotmenteers.

Happy diggin’


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