Potato chitting time….

So now it’s potato chitting time and I just had a quick query as to how others start their potatoes off and if so, where do they do it?

image I always sneak some in egg trays on top of the boiler in my kitchen. It’s out of the way, warm and light and hidden from my hubbies eyes! I also place a couple in egg boxes on my windowsill in the kitchen. One year, I had so many chitting that I didn’t have the space for them all in the kitchen so I placed them in my unheated greenhouse. Even though they were covered with fleece the frost still managed to get to a few of them so I thought it was better to be safe than sorry and position them inside.  Where do you place yours to chit?

Happy diggin’


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10 Responses to Potato chitting time….

  1. richiechivz says:

    Sneaky little place this! ☺
    Mine have been in egg boxes in the spare room for a few weeks. In fact the chit are do big on my earlies I even question if I’d started chitting to soon! Hope to get them in the ground soon.

  2. Suzy says:

    We used to chit them in the kitchen or the spare room, this year we are going to try an unheated porch with a heater at hand

  3. Mine are on our dining room window sill, the calm before the storm of lots of seed trays begins very shortly

  4. princessines says:

    kitchen windowsill…in egg boxes of course….first time ever so really excited…and as soon as they go in I ill have more windowsill space for more sowing 😉

  5. Theresa says:

    I’ve put mine out of the way on top of the kitchen cupboards and they seem to be doing well there. Like others, this helps me keep the window sills clear!

    Great to see you return to blogging, love the updates!

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