Recycle tip # 4 – Newspapers

When planting my veg today I used layers of newspapers in between my plants to help keep the weeds down, acting as a mulch. The layers of newspapers were laid between the plants with a top layer of soil on top to disguise them. If it is windy when you apply the newspaper then a simple sprinkling of water will keep it in place. I used at least 4 layers so that there was just enough to suppress the weeds yet still allowing the water through.

Any excess newspaper can also be added to the compost heap as a brown product although this is best not added in too thick a layer. Tearing or shredding the newspaper prevents big clogs of paper accumulating in the compost heap that is difficult to break down.

Recycled newspaper pots can be made very easily for starting new seeds. All that you need is a pile of newspapers layered 4 pages thick, cut into thirds lengthways and various sized cans.

Position the cans on the lengths of newspaper with approx 2.5 cm overhang. Roll the can along the newspaper until all the newspaper is wrapped around.

Fold the edges of the paper down over the can until the edges are folded over firmly. Slide the can out and you should be left with a small, sturdy seedling pot that is biodegradable and most of all free!

The pot can be potted up with soil and the entire structure can be planted into the ground removing the chances of disturbing the roots.

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