Veg protection

Ok – back up the allotment today inbetween the showers. My hubby managed to cut some old scaffold boards into sections and helped create my raised beds. I have decided to have a mixture of 6ft and 8ft long beds. They’re all approx 6ft wide so they are really easy to manage from both sides. Many more left to do but ran out of boards (at the same time that hubby ran out of patience!)

I managed to plant a few more winter veg in some of the prepared beds. Blue and green Kohlrabi are now growing successfully alongside some winter Kale. These were planted with a little diluted rhubarb leaf tea soaked into the planting hole and a little dusting of lime, as recommended from a fellow gardening pal – thanks Andy!

These veg were then subsequently covered with some homemade netted protection. (Again, thanks go out to my hubby!) Lengths of 2×2 wood were screwed into a frame to fit the widths of the beds and lengths of gas pipe were attached to the frame at approx 2ft intervals. The entire structure was then covered with net and attached to the frame and stapled into place. This portable netted frame is easily moved from bed to bed for weeding. The idea for this was originally seen on by Dan on his youtube videos but it can also be seen on

Tomorrow I have plans of continuing the path and possibly digging out the pond. Here’s hoping for some decent weather for a change.

Happy diggin’


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