Recycle tip # 5 – Pallets (part 2)

Ok, so I know that I have already mentioned about the many uses of pallets but after watching a tv show I saw how someone had used old pallets and made fabulous decking for the garden! I am so inspired by what I saw that I fully intend to do the same.

A vast collection of pallets are needed but these can be acquired quite easily by going to builders merchants or local motorbike shops (apparently, these pallets have longer lengths of wood). The pallets simply need to be dismantled with the aid of a crow bar, claw hammer and a strong pair of hands (cue hubby again)! The thicker supporting lengths of wood can be used to make the frame while the thin lengths become the surface. A quick sand down with an electric sander and a coat of fence paint and hey presto – homemade decking virtually free of charge!

Watch this space for the garden transformation.


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