Plot 21a……the clearing and planning.

As you have no doubt gathered I have been far too busy on the plot to blog (one thing I had truly hoped not to do) but the plot is at least cleared now. I have, with the help of my teenage daughter, now excavated all of the weeds, covered the ground with a weed proof membrane and have erected and painted an newly acquired free greenhouse. Many thanks go to Ash for the free greenhouse and pond!

As I am trying to develop and maintain the plot as environmentally sustainable as possible, I am in the process of stripping pallets for the lengths of wood which will now be the borders of my path and raised beds. I have a mental idea of what I would like in the plot but ideas are constantly changing. I will, at some point, post pictures of before and after so that you can all see the hard word that has been put into the plot so far. I also promise to do better with the blog!

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