It’s official…!!

Well I’m now the official owner of plot 21a and what a sight to start with! The plot is supposed to be half a plot (the other half given to someone else on Saturday) but it’s huge!!!! Still, I’m not complaining cause in the words of my husband …”If Debb has a space she is sure to fill it!” My Dad, who I took with me for moral support and his gardening knowledge, was really impressed.

At the moment it is currently overgrown but the soil is so full of nutrition that the weeds can easily be excavated by hand. I can see through the wilderness and visualise the plot full of veg growing already. I’m so excited about getting my hands dirty and actually pulling up all those weeds to see the glorious earth below.

After speaking to my allotment neighbour, he assured me that the guy before me worked the land really well and had fantastic crops. With free manure on site (yes I did in fact say free on site!!) the ground must be the most fertile in the area. I am lucky enough to be located right next to the mains water and the allotment Chairperson, Mike, has also said that I can have as many of the unused water butts as I need.

Someone if certainly smiling on me as this site has all that I need and more. With free endless supplies of compost, manure and bark that we need, social gatherings such as bonfires and firework displays and really friendly fellow ‘allotmenteers’, what more does any one need. Apart from getting rid of pests such as carrot root fly, onion fly and club root, which I’m assured is not present on this site, what more could I need.

Until next time,


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