The Wonders of Recycling

My husband often wonders what goes on in my head when I look at a discarded piece of other people’s rubbish that is destined for landfill. But I’m thinking “oooh – how can I use that at my allotment?”

One of my neighbours near where I live threw out a black, metal single bed frame on their front drive.  This was supposed to be picked up by the scrap metal merchants that patrol our street on the look out for unwanted metal objects.  Me being me, straightaway saw the many uses that I could have for it so I wanted to make sure that it was in my possession before they arrived to collect it!

After speaking to the neighbour, within 10 minutes the bed frame was safely secured in my back garden. He was only too glad to get rid of it. My husband just shook his head thinking “What is she going to do with that now?”.

IMG_9139After some explanation of what I wanted it for and a promise that it would be gone up the allotment the next day, he agreed to dismantle it for me.  With his angle grinder being put to good use, the bed frame was cut down into useable pieces; metal poles which will be used to support my raised beds and also the head and foot end of the bed cut down into arch shapes that will be used as a frame with some environmesh over to protect my carrots.IMG_9137

Last weekend I also did a little bit for my community by doing a walk around my local nature reserve collecting up other people’s litter that had been strewn all over the place. I happened to stumble across a long length of plastic cable tubing which is just what I have been looking for!IMG_9163

As it was proving very difficult to hold my bag of rubbish and drag the length of tubing, a friend of mine kindly volunteered to drag it from one end of the nature reserve to the other for me. What a star – Thanks Joe!

IMG_9200IMG_9199When my husband picked me up an hour later and saw the length of pipe, again he shook his head!

A couple of hours later, after a bit more of explanation and persuasion, the trusty saw came out into the back garden and length of pipe was then cut into 12 pieces which will be used to grow my parsnips at the allotment.IMG_9212

Just to show how some of these recycled bits and pieces look at the allotment, take a look at the pea and bean frame that Andy (my allotment neighbour) and I erected on my plot.  In its’ former life, they were the frames for a gazebo that covered my our pond at home.  Since this covering has now been replaced with a new wooden built building, the gazebo frame was destined for the tip. 

But not in Debb land! 

IMG_9107IMG_9108They look great on my plot and will provide fantastic support for all of my peas and beans in the following months.  There has already been some fantastic comments made about it on site.  It’s bespoke, productive and best of all it was free!           

IMG_9129And just when you thought I couldn’t recycle anymore – check out my cold frame made from an old glass and aluminium shower screen and recycled bricks.!                                                                                                               

Whatever will I find and use next you may wonder!

For the next edition of Recycling Results, watch this space!

Happy recyclin’


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9 Responses to The Wonders of Recycling

  1. browntroutfisherman says:

    One after my own heart…!

    We got our allotment last autumn and so we are still doing the main ‘structural’ work at the moment and we are also always on the look-out for useful stuff. Got some recycled timber this week for a raised bed and found 3 large recycled 35 gallon tubs to use as water butts last week.

    Keep it up 🙂

  2. You inspired me to reuse the shower doors that need to be replaced very soon (they are over 30 years old). They will end up as part of a cold frame or greenhouse setup. Thanks!

    • Again, glad to be of assistance. Just because they have served their purpose for what they were originally intended, doesn’t mean that it’s the end of their life.

  3. Philip says:

    I too have a shower screen destined to be a cold frame.

  4. MrsYub says:

    Love it! Our (my) garden is pull of recycled stuff (like bed frames iron frame work, an old phone stand and REALLY old pot holders) for the plants to grow in or up or through, and its so good to see someone else being creative too!

    • Thanks. There are so many useful items that can have a new lease of life in the garden. It also makes a great talking point when people notice how ingenious you have been with unwanted materials.

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