Ok….time to plant something!

Hi guys,

Having now cleared most of the plot I am going over the ground more thoroughly to clear the weed roots and I have been left with some fantastic soil ready and waiting for planting. My initial thoughts go to potatoes as I have just frequently found out that if a new crop is planted before the end of August then they can be harvested around Christmastime! However, having suffered with my back for a long time I have decided that the potatoes will be planted in pots rather than in the ground. I have seen many successful harvest from pots. When they are ready I can simply push over the pot and harvest the potatoes rather than digging and furrowing in the soil. Much better for me I think.

I also plan on getting some winter cabbages, cauliflowers and kale in the ground too. I have some small seedlings that I grew from seed in the greenhouse and I am going to plant some of those in one of the beds. I have also sown some winter lettuces too that will be ready to go in the ground in a couple of weeks time.

I had a great harvest today from my garden. I picked my first ever aubergines! Not that I actually like the taste of them, but it was an achievement that I grew these magnificent looking vegetables from seed. The variety were Long Purple. I also managed to pick some beans ( French climbing beans, dwarf French bean and runner beans), round and yellow courgettes, King Edward potatoes, beetroots, cucumbers and my first red Thai chilli. All of these were grown in pots in my back garden and have surprised me on how well they are doing compared to some similar varieties planted in the ground.

Anyway, that’s enough for today. Pictures to accompany these blogs will follow soon (as soon as I have time to figure out how to upload them!)


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