Recycling title goes to ……?

Now as you may be aware, I love recycling unwanted material and have many ideas for how to use various items on my plot.  I was proud of the way how I could turn an unwanted piece of rubbish into a new item for what it wasn’t originally intended. I thought I had some great inventive ideas.  That was until I saw a blog post from a fellow blogger named Rooko.  His list for using recycled bits and pieces completely outshines mine!

His very useful and informative list can be found by clicking the link below.

Rooko’s Allotment

So the title for best recycler so far most definitely has to go to Rooko. Well done.  I was very impressed and may use some of your ideas on my plot.

Do you have any other useful ideas that could challenge his?????

Happy recyclin’


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9 Responses to Recycling title goes to ……?

  1. Rooko says:

    Thanks for the mention Debb. Hope the ideas come in handy (and save money) for us “allotmenteers”.

  2. brilliant ideas thanks….inspirational

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