Fantastic Flowers

IMG_9193After the cold and dark winter that we have had, nature surprises us with signs that spring is truly on its’ way.  These Primula have been growing happily in the garden at the side of my house, and most times they go unnoticed. 

Very understated, but just splashing enough vibrant colour to  grab our attention.                                                               

 I’m sure that you will agree, they really are wonderful and they most definitely speak for themselves.

IMG_9194 IMG_9192 IMG_9188 IMG_9189 IMG_9191Happy Diggin’


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12 Responses to Fantastic Flowers

  1. Bal says:

    I wish I had these flowers growing through the slits of my slabbed garden. They are absolutely gorgeous. I feel that I should give gardening a go then I think the soddin cats and then think nah, leave it. I’m happy looking at your pics. less work and I’m only using one finger to tap to the hyperlink. Bal

  2. Very pretty. Spring has sprung.

  3. mpb496wp says:

    Wow, great pictures and beautiful flowers. We had 11 inches of snow today so it makes me really look forward to spring.

    • Thanks for your comment. I’ve just seen the picture of the snow that you have had in your garden. I only hope that it clears away soon allowing spring to finally make an appearance.

  4. Have been talking to Debbi this morning about chicken fertiliz pellets found out last year cat’s hate them give them a try.

  5. We still have a foot of snow – how lucky you are to have primroses! They’re lovely!

    • Where about are you located? I pass these flowers at the side of my house every day and they used to go by unnoticed. They look so beautiful in all their splendour now it’s hard to ignore them.

      • I live in New Hampshire in the US. I haven’t had much luck with primroses here – I think the climate might be a little too harsh, or at least my microclimate. I do know some people in a neighboring town that have a yard full of them, but they’re all the same variety – red and yellow.

  6. MrsYub says:

    Very pretty flowers! The heat has made most of mine die off 😦

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