Not your property!

This weekend we celebrated my daughters birthday but the happiness was short lived at times with someone stealing from us – belongings and precious time.

A trip to the local supermarket to stock up on supplies for her party resulted in someone helping themselves to our car stereo. After going back into the store to ask them to check on the security camera we were told that the range of the camera didn’t reach that end of the car park. The employed security guard was more concerned with smoking his cigarette and mobile phone call at the side of the store than to really do his job of securing things.

After a patronising store assistant said that it must have been my fault for not locking the doors I lost the will to argue, counted and breathed deeply, and said in a very calm voice that the doors to my vehicle were in fact locked. Luckily for me I had my eldest daughter with me who could vouch for the fact that this was true.

My husband, who is so much more laid back and calm about situations than I, refused to let it spoil his evening and dismissed it until the next day. I too decided that they were not going to steal our time and memories for our daughters birthday as well as the car stereo.

On Sunday I awoke to a phone call from my allotment neighbour asking me if I had taken the kettle and portable gas stove from in the greenhouse/ shed at the allotment. Again, people thought that they had the right to take what didn’t belong to them.

After a good look around he also mentioned that they had the audacity to take the canvas bag used to store the cups and tea, coffee and sugar to carry it away. There was also other incidents of stealing. A number of bags of manure was taken as well as all the apples from another plot holders tree.

These events lead us to believe that the thief is actually someone who has a plot onsite. Why would an opportunist out to make a bit of cash from stolen tools and equipment want with bags of manure???

Does this mean that we will spend hours, money and hard work growing crops to provide for our families only for others to take them at their leisure??
I ask again – What gives someone the right to take your property and belongings and claim them for themselves?



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2 Responses to Not your property!

  1. Arghhh thats awful, scum of the earth thieves but glad you never let it spoil your night. On an allotment close to mine i heard some homeless people were steeling food and other things maybe keep an eye out.

    • Thanx . I’m not going to let them get to me. Just a bit miffed that folks think that they can take what belongs to me without asking. Still going to grow loads and monitor my stuff regularly. X

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