Bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs!

Spring bulbs are in abundance throughout the shops now so I figured it was time to get some planted. Planting them now allows them to develop a good, strong root development before the cold snap of winter sets in.

With my pond now in place at the allotment, I thought it may be nice to make it look pretty in spring.

With the pond bring located near the seating area at the top of my plot, not only will it look good it should also smell amazing, not to mention being a fantastic haven for butterflies and bees.

These are a few of the bulbs that I planted with directions of planting depths and flowering times.

20 Narcissi – Rockery Mixed and 20 Narcissi – Minnow
Plant out Aug-Dec. 10cm deep – 15cm apart. Flowers Feb-April. Grows to 25cm high.

40 Anemone (mixed) – Mr Forker /Sylphide
Plant out Aug-Dec. 5cm deep – 5cm apart. Flowers April – June. Grows to 25cm high.

30 Crocus – Ruby Giant and 30 Crocus – Dorothy
Plant out Aug-Dec. 8cm deep – 10cm apart. Flowers Feb-March. Grows to 15cm high.
20 Dwarf Iris – Harmony.
Plant out Sept – Dec. 8cm deep – 8cm apart. Flowers Feb-March. Grows to 15cm high.

With most of us fruit and vegetable gardeners going into gardening withdrawal, it’s so easy to forget that Spring is soon on it’s way, albeit that we haven’t even experienced the winter months yet!

What could be a better reminder that the growing season is upon us again than the impending new growth of spring bulbs through the harsh Winter frost.

I’m looking forward to their glorious display already!

Happy diggin’


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