Friend or foe?

20140109-095507.jpgAfter doing a little routine tidying up the allotment, I came across these ladybirds all snuggled up behind a piece of angle iron.  These are so beneficial to the plot that I gladly let them have their rest in peace, ready for when they have to do their jobs of removing pests from my plants later in the season.

The eggs however, are a whole new story.  I believe that they are either the eggs of slugs or woodlice.  Not sure whether woodlice are an asset to the allotment or not but I was taking no chances and removed as many as20140126-211652.jpg I could from my plot.

There were 20140126-211631.jpghundreds of them all piled in numerous clumps underneath some plastic sheeting.  They had to go!  Call me cruel, but I value the time and effort spent on my crops rather that tending to these critters!

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3 Responses to Friend or foe?

  1. beeseeker says:

    Think you’re right about the eggs being slugs eggs, especially with the location. I tend to do the same, but suffer (very) small pangs of shame afterwards.

  2. Lorna says:

    I too feel no shame in getting rid of slug eggs – saves me chopping their heads off when they are huge! eeeewwww!

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