Anyone for Parsnips?

20140104-133013.jpg Just a small selection of parsnips harvested the other day from the allotment. What they lack in quantity they make up for in size.

On20140104-133340.jpge on its own weighed in at just over 1 kg! And for those of you who are already thinking that it must have had a woody texture, you’d be wrong. It tasted amazing!  I love the taste of parsnips but my hubby has other ideas.  He hates the flavour of them.  I can’t even add them to stew without him noticing the odd one that I snuck in there!  My favourite way to have them is roasted with parmesan cheese or made into a hearty warming soup that I freeze in portions for lunch.

More information about how to grow parsnips can be found on my Spotlight on Parsnips post.

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14 Responses to Anyone for Parsnips?

  1. These are my ones harvested a fortnight ago. Very tasty they were too, with hardly a flaw inside. I love them roasted with maple syrup and pepper. Yum.

  2. Parsnips are my favourite and yours look amazing :) ours looked like aliens last year hopefully they will looked better shaped this year :)

  3. Rooko says:

    Very nice looking Parsnips. Mine were terrible this year, slow to germinate and very small. You are correct about the larger specimens not being woody. I had some massive ones (Gladiator) 2 years ago and they were excellent and they are still just as good from the freezer now.

  4. Margaret says:

    Soooo….what variety was that HUGE parsnip? :-)

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