Jack Frost graces us with his presence!


There was a definite touch of frost in the air this morning.  The evidence was displayed throughout my garden.  The first notification of the cold spell was when I looked out of my ktichen window onto the blades of grass on my lawn.  The glistening modules of frozen dew on the strawberry and beetroot leaves were magical.


It was a swift reminder to me that I needed to protect or harvest what little crops I had left.  I had purposely left some of my chilli plants outside in the hope that the remaining bits of sunshine that we had would ripen the chillies from green to red………but to no avail.  I had to bite the bullet and pick all of them.  They will join the remaining green tomatoes on my kitchen windowsill waiting, just waiting to turn to a glorious red.


Just incase you are wondering ……..the banana is there for a purpose.  It helps the tomatoes ripen.  They release a gas called Ethlyene.  This is why when you add bananas to the fruit bowl, the fruits in there tend to ripen really quickly.

Happy Diggin’


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2 Responses to Jack Frost graces us with his presence!

  1. This looks so pretty… one day, one day!

  2. You don’t need to wait one day to see the magical wonders of nature. Just take a look at the autumnal leaves on the trees now and see the vibrant colours on display. Nature enriches us with it’s beauty each day and sometimes we fail to notice.

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