What I did at the allotment today……..

Ok,  if I said that I was busy today that would really be an understatement!  Weeding, planting, digging, carrying, lifting…..many active words that my body paid the price for later!!!

Firstly, I had a few beds that needed weeding as they hadn’t been done in a few weeks.  I must admit though, they looked so much better afterwards.

I read somewhere that if you weed using the hoe every 7-10 days, this will dramatically reduce the growth of weeds.  Using a sharp hoe also makes the job so much easier.

I realised that when I planted my spring bulbs around the pond a few weeks ago, I hadn’t planted any Tulip bulbs.  Since then, I purchased some tall, multi coloured variety called Rembrandt Mix.  I planted these 15cm deep, 12cm apart around the pond where there were no other bulbs planted.  I can’t wait until spring to see their display.

Now is also the time to plant the overwintering onions.  I will do a Spot Light On post about these soon, so I’m not going to go into too much detail about them here.  I planted them 6inches apart in rows 12inches wide.  I placed a piece of net over them until they are a little more established to prevent the birds from picking them out of the ground.

I used the Japanese variety bought from the local Wilko’s for the very reasonable price of £2.  I managed to plant 5 rows of 10 that should see me through until June.

I had a little space left in the onion bed so I also planted soome Golden Gourmet shallots.  These too were purchased from Wilko’s at the same price of £2.  There were 25 in the pack and these were distributed into 3 rows 8inches apart.

By planting these in the Autumn, it gives them a head start for harvest in June, whereas Spring planted sets are generally harvested around August time.

I also planned ahead and dug out my trench for where I intend to grow my beans and peas next year.  I dug the trench a spade width and depth for approximately 10-12 feet.  This is what pushed my back over the edge!  I lined the base of the trench with newspaper and over the next few weeks/months I will add the kitchen vegetable waste that I would have ortherwise put in the compost bin at home.

Beans and peas like a lot of nutrients and moisture in the soil and this is a really easy way to achieve the growing conditions that they love.  This bed will eventually become a ‘Three Sister’s’ bed.  More details on this to follow.

Happy Diggin’


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8 Responses to What I did at the allotment today……..

  1. Mark A Warmington says:

    No doubt your back will be giving you its verdict on the days activities tomorrow.

  2. Teelaine says:

    Looking forward to these ‘Spotlight On’ posts, sounds like a fab idea. Until then please take it easy with your back!

    Love the way the site developing, absolutely fab source of hints, tips and recipes. All at nice low costs too. Keep up the good work..!

  3. Oh!!!! Never thought of looking in Wilko’s, i will pop up tomorrow and take a look. And i’m sure all that hard work will reward you .


    • Yeah. Wilko’s are great for gardening bits and pieces. Especially at the end if summer when they sell off most of the gardening paraphernalia.
      My hard work is taking it’s toll on my back now but well worth it.

  4. Great stuff Debbs, I’m learning a lot form you experts, will see if i can get some of those onions this week.

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