Kale and Kohl Rabi

At my visit to the allotment today, I harvested some kale leaves and one of my blue kohl rabi plants.  I have never grown kohl rabi before and have never seen it in the shops but I am well impressed with how easy they are to grow.  The swollen stems are the main parts that you would harvest but the leaves can also be treated like cabbage and eaten too.

I also pulled a few leaves from my kale plants that I have.  By just pulling a few of the base leaves from each of my plants, this will ensure that I have a continuous crop throughout the Winter months and well into Spring.

I cook kale very simply.  I finely shred the washed leaves, add them to a pan that has about an inch of water with a couple of knobs of butter, salt, cracked black pepper and my secret ingredient of coconut cream.


The coconut cream adds a creamy, slightly sweet texture to the kale when cooked.  This is then cooked for about 15 minutes until the kale is really tender and sweet.

I’ll keep you posted on how that kohl rabi tastes.

Happy diggin’


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4 Responses to Kale and Kohl Rabi

  1. Hasu Patel says:

    Hi Deb,

    Try adding onions (cook them to pinky brown in colour) , add spinach and your home grown chillies (to taste), 2tea sp crushed garlic, 2tea sp ginger, 2 tea sp turmeric and salt (to taste) to your Kale, couple of tea spoons of corn flour to your Kale, give it a good mix and let it cook on low heat and keep an eye on, when all mushy add a good helping of butter mix – you could serve it on garlic bread! let me know. Happy eating

    Oh – with your Khol Rabi leaves I could make stuffed rolls – will have to make and give you sample to try……

  2. I always eat my Kohlrabi raw,it is really quite sweet.

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