Funny fungi

IMG_8539[1]There are a strange things growing on my plot! Now I’m not talking about the veg that I planted or even the few weeds that are gracing my soil; I’m referring to some sort of weird fungus.

I have seen fungus appear in the soil before where the spores have been dormant in the compost, but they were a relatively normal (I use the term loosely) looking type but the specimens that are growing on my plot are definitely the most alien looking fungi that I have ever seen.


Originally they started growing out of the chipped bark that I had scattered on the paths around my plot. They have quite a tough, rubbery consistency to the texture and I must admit all very strange indeed to look at.

Does anyone have any idea what type of fungi they are?

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2 Responses to Funny fungi

  1. beccalady says:

    They look a lot like bladder cups. At least from what I can see.

    Do you manure your plot at all? Generally that’s what that particular fungus liked.

    Either way, it takes a mycologist (professionalt or amateur) to be 100% certain. A lot of different fungi look similar and require smear tests and other special tests to differentiate.

    If I’m not one, how do I know all that? I really, really wanted to learn how to ID fungus safe to eat in the wild. I’m not even close to good enough for that, it turns out!!

    Hope that helps, but at least it’s a start!

    • Thanks Bec. At least I have some idea if what they are. I do manure the plot but these were found mainly growing on the chipped bark and only the occasional one growing on the ground that was manured. I’m not worried about them – just curious as they look so strange!

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