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Recycle tip #1 – Plant labels

I have decided to add a few hints and tips for recycling when gardening either at the allotment or in your garden or wherever you plant flowers, fruit and veg. Venetian blinds make excellent plant labels. They are wide enough … Continue reading

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It’s official…!!

Well I’m now the official owner of plot 21a and what a sight to start with! The plot is supposed to be half a plot (the other half given to someone else on Saturday) but it’s huge!!!! Still, I’m not … Continue reading

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Bunty’s Blog

Bunty’s Blog

Let Bunty guide you through the seasons with her organic guide to growing fruit and veg.  Her videos are detailed, descriptive and highly informative. A must for all veg growers alike.

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Claire’s Allotment

Claire’s Allotment

Back to basics yet descriptive blog for any new allotment grower.  Claire will guide you through the basics of fruit and veg growing such as the best way to sow cumumber seeds to saving water by recycling ‘grey’ water at home.  An invaluable tool that comes highly recommended.

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The journey begins…….

Hi Guys, Well here I am writing the first of (hopefully) many blogs relating to my passion for growing fruit and veg. My initial thanks firstly should go to You Tube for allowing me to gain so much advice, hints, … Continue reading

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