How do you like your eggs??

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/bb9/38552972/files/2014/12/img_1458.jpgPersonally I’m partial to a boiled egg or two but I love scrambled eggs every now and again. I especially love cooking with eggs just so I can build up my collection of shells destined for use on my plot.

It used to take ages for me to build up a big enough collection of shells, which would then be dried slowly in a cool oven then ground to a fine(ish) powder; well that was until a friend of mine came to visit. She works in a cafe and had collected the day’s worth of egg shells for me that were happily sitting in a couple of carrier bags. Now, she already thinks that I am a crackpot (excuse the pun ) wanting eggs shells but as a non gardener she doesn’t see the benefit of them.

I had heard (or read) that crushed eggs shells can be used to deter slugs but I’m not so sure now after reading this blog post here. My intention is to use them as a fine powder, courtesy of my spice grinder, to add calcium to the soil, especially where I plan to grow tomatoes and peppers as they benefit from a calcium boost.

Maybe you could get friendly with your local cafe owner and see if they can spare a few bags of shells for you too.

Happy diggin’


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4 Responses to How do you like your eggs??

  1. Dan says:

    What a jackpot Debb! I process my dried shells in a grinder too. Love having that powdery calcium handy for whenever it’s needed.

  2. Bishop says:

    I do the same, grind to a powder but then i add them to the scraps i feed to my worms. They need the grit in their gizzards and the castings then go to the garden after the worms process them. Win, win, win!

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