What to do in November – 2

November seems to have snuck up on me without me looking.  You wouldn’t be able to tell by the weather that we are in November as it has, so far, been relatively mild for the end of Autumn. I just hope that the mild weather continues for as long as possible.

November for me always signifies the big tidy up and prepare for the upcoming Spring months that are just around the corner.  The dark nights prevent much evening work so my weekends are always busy and fully booked.  I do like a tidy plot though and without all of the annual weeds growing back quickly as soon as I have removed them, I have a fighting chance! There are still lots that can be done and the list below will hopefully give you an idea of some of the jobs that you can be doing this month to stay organised and in control.

Jobs to do………in November

  • Continue to water winter crops if needed
  • Add the remaining vegetation to the compost heap
  • Continue to collect leaves and add to the leaf mould heap. They will need at least 12-18 months to rot down before they can be used effectively. Alternatively, add leaves to black bags that have a few holes cut into them add a little water and leave in a secluded area for about 12-18 months
  • Continue to check over crops that you have stored from previous months, to ensure that they will last you through the winter months
  • Cover late crop vegetables that are not winter hardy such as salads and oriental leaves
  • Check brassicas for whitefly
  • Continue to hoe all weeds where possible
  • Dismantle supports that were used for climbing beans and peas
  • Remove dead leaves from winter brassicas
  • Dig over the soil and add a thick layer of well rotted manure. Don’t worry too much about big clods of earth as the frost will break these down
  • Gather and store the remaining apples and pears
  • If you haven’t already done so, dig trenches for next spring
  • Give the greenhouse a good clean making sure that you clean your plant pots and seed trays for next spring
  • Continue to lift and store main crop carrots and turnips
  • Pick autumn raspberries
  • Prune fruit trees such as pears and apples while they are still dormant.
  • Prune blackcurrant bushes. Branches that have borne fruit should be pruned to soil level
  • Plant garlic cloves if not already done so
  • Harvest any remaining herbs to dry and store
  • Protect clay pots with fleece or bubble wrap or placing in a greenhouse or shed.
  • Protect brassicas with net from damage by birds

What to sow………Indoors

  • Sow broad beans and overwintering peas
  • Sow sweet peas in a cold greenhouse

What to sow………Outdoors

  • Green manures
  • Broad beans
  • Hardy peas
  • Garlic
  • Autumn onion sets

What to plant………in November

  • Spring cabbages
  • Winter salad crops – protected by some sort of cloche
  • Plant rhubarb sets
  • Fruit bushes are best planted now
  • Bare-root, container-grown trees and bare-root roses while they are still dormant
  • Spring flowering bulbs

Crops in season now

Broccoli (Sprouting)
Brussels sprouts (tops)
French Beans (for drying)
Kohl Rabi
Jerusalem Artichokes
Swiss chard
Winter Radish

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