Gorgeous Gooseberry Juice

Whilst browsing some old YouTube videos, I came across an old version of Gardeners World in which Monty Don visited some allotment sites in Birmingham, that isn’t too far from where I live. It was comforting to hear the familiar accent that the plot holders spoke in. I particularly loved a West Indian lady called Cynthia who has given me a new purpose for my gooseberries, rather than the traditional jam making.

Cynthia blitzed up a batch of freshly picked gooseberries, added a tin of condensed milk, a pinch of nutmeg, a can of stout or in her case Guinness and for added measure, (as is the West Indian tradition), a splash of white rum. Mix this thoroughly and serve ice-cold. I have made the same drink but with pineapple juice instead and it is really filling but delicious too. I can’t wait to make the same with my gooseberries.  It was fantastic seeing her make this actually on her plot too!

You can see the video here.  to see Cynthia’s recipe being created fast forward to around 26 mins into the video.

Happy diggin’


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