Save me Sunday!

Today seemed to be a day at the allotment where I had to save some beneficial insects from drowning. The first instance was when I noticed a bumblebee swimming frantically on top of the pond water which I managed to rescue before my hungry fish decided to devour it.

The next instance was when I filled my watering can from one of my pre-filled waterbutts around my site and noticed a ladybird fighting for its life.

Although I am aware of the importance of the wildlife on the allotment site, up until today, and these two instances of insects fighting for survival, I never truly realised the importance of how these tiny creatures can make a difference to the food in which I am trying to grow.

Never again will I pass a beneficial struggling insect without thinking how can I help you to help me.

Happy diggin’

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4 Responses to Save me Sunday!

  1. Bees are forever getting trapped in my polytunnel – I have devised a contraption to get them out without harming them, it is an old pop bottle with the bottom cut off and an old takeout box lid, I scoop them in then set them free to get on with their busy day, seems only fair to me.

  2. Insect rescuers! That’s what we are! 🙂

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