Dan – My Gardening Guru

I still class myself as a relatively new vegetable grower and value many people’s opinions on the most productive way of growing things. One person in particular that I admire and follow with enthusiasm is Dan at Allotment Diary.  I have watched all of his videos from when he first started to upload them on YouTube, (some many times over) and read most of his posts on his webpage.  I trust the way that he talks about how to grow his vegetable on his allotment plot in the Yorkshire Dales.  His mannerisms are funny, his knowledge of growing exhibition size vegetable is informative and his methods of doing the same jobs year after year with exceptional results are reassuring.

I would honestly say that he has to be my favourite gardening guru and I look forward in earnest for his regular video uploads. I have taken many hints and tips from him, especially growing potatoes in 30 litre buckets.  As one of his followers mentioned, he should be getting commission on the plastic buckets as I believe that the sales of these has dramatically increased since he mentioned how easy the potatoes are to grow in these.  I for one purchased a few of these to grow my potatoes in.

I take on board some of his tried and tested methods and pay particular attention to the varieties of crops that he uses. I now grow, Cobra French beans, Zebrune Banana Shallots, Sarpo Mira blight resistant potatoes, Shirley tomatoes and Hurst Green Shaft peas – all because Dan tried and tested them with fantastic results.

So thank you Dan, for your enthusiasm, expertise and interesting informative videos. May there be many more to come.

Happy diggin’



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2 Responses to Dan – My Gardening Guru

  1. I to follow Dan as well and I am trying a couple of his tips this year. The first one is planting parsnips in loo paper tubes ( 3 seeds per tube) and germinating in greenhouse. I did this in early March and nothing at all happened for 4 weeks then just as I was giving up, they all popped up…! most tubes threw up 2 out of the 3 and in some tubes all 3 parsnip seeds germinated so I’m well pleased with this.
    The second one is potatoes in big buckets, I did this 2 weeks ago so looking forward to seeing ho this works out.

    • I just love the way how he is willing to have a go at new things and shares them for us all to try. He shares his successes and failures. Wish I had his confidence of being in front of the camera rather than behind words.

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