Super sized Strawberries!



My children and I love fresh strawberries but I refuse point-blank to pay over the odds for them when they are fresh.  When they are in season, I stock up on these, often freezing them to add to yoghurt or milkshakes, or most times I make jams to last throughout the year.  I buy them in bulk when they are on offer at the local markets and supermarkets, and I was very surprised when I recently came across some supersized fruit!. 

20140320-132504.jpgNow I grow many strawberries both at home and at my allotment, but I have never come across any as big as this!.  FYI – you’d be mistaken into thinking that this was my daughters’ hand – it is in fact mine! (For those who know me personally, you will also know that I have quite large hands for a lady!). In contrast, the size of the fruit really astonished me but I just had to have them.

Cut up and smothered in yoghurt they were delicious, but I can honestly say that they lacked the fresh strawberry taste that you get when you grow your own.20140320-132513.jpg

My youngest daughter didn’t seem to mind though and as soon as they were washed, couldn’t wait to get them in her mouth!

Happy diggin’



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4 Responses to Super sized Strawberries!

  1. sewsowtasty says:

    I saw some of these huge fruits today, came from Spain I think, would love to know what variety they are.

    • They lack in flavour what they make up for in size. You can tell that these were force grown, but hey, they were part of our 5 a day!

      • sewsowtasty says:

        I have, on occasion, been pleasantly surprised by bought strawberries but generally I feel cheated. Grew so many last year to be made into strawberry jam for wedding favours for my oldest’s wedding. Now run out barr one little pot. Hoping the polytunnel ones will be good enough flavour although, like your daughter I think my little one would be happy with just a strawberry.

      • Oh the simple joys of a strawberry!

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