New beginnings in the herb garden

20140310-135148.jpgI made the most of the beautiful weather that we had on Sunday and redesigned my herb bed. I divided the clumps of chives and spaced them out to encourage them to bush out a little more. Eventually these will be used around my carrot bed to ward off the carrot fly.

Whilst taking a break I also designed a few labels using wooden stakes just to add another bit of interest to the herb garden.  So far the herb bed consists of Spearmint, Apple Mint, Thyme, Flat Leaf Parsley, Curled Parsley, Spring Onions, Chives and Rosemary.  The mint is planted in pots and these are buried in the ground to minimise them spreading too much.

The overwintering onions and garlic were also doing fine so I decided to 20140310-135206.jpgtidy up their bed and do a little well needed weeding between the rows. At home, I have some red onion sets that will be planted in the middle 2 rows of this bed and shallots that I grew from seed that will be also planted around the rows of carrots.

20140310-135213.jpgNot realising that so much time had passed by after doing all the tidying jobs, I still managed to find time to sit back and admire the flowers that had once again surfaced around my pond.  Surprisingly, the fish even looked pleased to see me, swimming near the top waiting for their first feed of the year. 

Happy Diggin’


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5 Responses to New beginnings in the herb garden

  1. Michele says:

    I am so jealous that you have had your hands in the dirt already and have green things in your garden! We still have snow everywhere. I love the picture of your fish coming to say hello (and waiting for their food). Happy for you!

    • Where are you based then if you have snow? We only had a few light snow showers all winter. Just rain, rain and more rain!

      • Michele says:

        I am in Connecticut, USA. We got about 37″ of snow in a few weeks and there is still about 8-12″ in my yard. I can see the edges of my raised beds now 🙂 and the ground over the septic tank has melted.

      • Wow. That seems incredibly cold and frustrating. I am so pleased to be able to get my hands back in the soil. Not presuming that the snow has passed us by yet though. Last year, April treated us to 6″ of snow just as Easter hit!


      • Michele says:

        Spring comes to us eventually but it takes awhile (plant around mid-May). We had a really late spring last year, so I am trying not to hope for an early one this year. I just want to get my hands in the soil.

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