National Chip Week 17th – 23rd February

Oh darn it! Last week was National Chip Week and I so wanted to write a post to coincide with this event but with it being half term, and me not getting in front of a pc for the week, I completely forgot about it! 😦

Still, at least I can write a belated post about it anyway.  I first saw this event advertised on the Love Potatoes website.

They have lots of useful recipes, information and interesting facts and figures about potatoes, as you may have guessed.  Some of the information that I found on the site is detailed below.  Such a good way to describe the differing types of potatoes and their culinary uses.

Smooth potatoes

These potatoes hold their shape well when cooked. Why not try them as mash, boiled or wedges (Desiree)

Fluffy potatoes

These potatoes become fluffy in the middle when cooked. Why not try them as roast, baked or chips (Maris Piper or King Edward)

Salad potatoes

These potatoes are firm to the bite when cooked. Why not try them boiled, steamed or roasted (Charlotte or Maris Peer)

I love this site and thought that I would share it with you.  I’m sure that you will find something of use on there too.

Happy diggin’


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2 Responses to National Chip Week 17th – 23rd February

  1. Lorna says:

    I truly love potatoes, they are delish in any form. Our local chippy had half price chips all last week to celebrate national chip week. Thanks for the link.

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