It begins…….

Today for me, marked the first official day of my growing season. The greenhouse had a throrough sping clean where every item was taken out, disinfected and returned to some sort of order. It’s surprising how much clutter that I seem to accumulate over the autumn and winter months. I got excited when I finally saw the windows gleaming after the good clean. A little bleach in some hot soapy water worked wonders. I arranged my seed trays and labels all ready for seed transplanting, dusted off the heated propagator and looked forward to settling down with my collection of seeds to see what I could start with. No soon as the Christmas decorations come down, the heated propagator makes an appearance and the sowing of seeds commences!!!

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  1. roundhillrob says:

    Too keen, Deb. Still have carrots and lettuce in the greenhouse. Never really cleaned it out – too many large spiders seem to think its their home. On the allotment we have lost 70% of the November sown broad bean seeds to mice. Even after the plant rises above ground the mice did it all out to eat the remains of the bean – never had this problem in many years of allotmenteering.

    • Hey Rob. I’m surprised and glad to hear that you still have carrots in the greenhouse. Something I would like to try next year. Are you scared of the spiders hence why you haven’t been giving your greenhouse a good clean ;-). Sorry to hear you had problems with your broad beans. Hopefully, a spring sown batch may prove more successful.

  2. Lorna says:

    Oh I wish I was as orgainsed as you – My little polytunnel needs a good sort out but it is so piggin cold I can’t bring myself to do it – Once my little boy goes back to school I will get back into the swing of things.

  3. Ah yes… the yawning stiring from hibernation of that peculiar species Homo Allotmentus…

    Shall be back in the groove myself during the next week, had a good 1st year in 2013 at my allotment so really looking forward to 2014.

  4. I am impressed that you are so ambitious and organised with beginning your growing season so early. I am not there yet. I am lucky if I get started by March and I live in Sweden. I was just discussing this with my Hubby last night and then I saw an email saying you like my blogg and check out what you are up to on this site. I think it is a sign that I need to get a little better organized. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I just have a question on why you wash your windows with bleach? I personally have always used Applecider Vinegar to wash windows. I use old newspapers to dry the window panes which prevents streaking as well. Vinegar is all natural and enviromentally sound plus it kills bacteria and other micro-organism. You will be surprised how clean you windows will turn out.
    I suggest that look up Vinegars uses on the net. It is astounding what it can be used for in dailey life. Think about the fact that you are growing food in your green house. The bleach water runs off the windows and seeps into the soil.

    • Thanks for your comment. I know that vinegar us a great claiming solution but at the time all I had to hand was bleach. I grow most of my greenhouse crops in pots rather than in the soil so the problem of bleach seeping in the soil doesn’t pose a problem for me. In future however, I will definitely be using vinegar as a more environmentally friendly option.

      • Another great tip that is little know on vinegar uses is bathing in a vinegar bath will kill the pain and discomfort of sunburns. It will kill infection cause by blistering as well. If you fill a tub half way with luke warm water and add 1-2 cups of Apple cider Vinegar and bathe in it. It will allow to sleep and wear clothing comfortably. Anyone who has had an painful sunburn know how uncomfortable that can be. You might have to repeat process until the sunburn pain is gone which depends on the severity of the sunburn. It will speed the healing process and it soothes the pain and discomfort immediately.

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