Unusual seeds

IMG_1781[1]I love the idea of planting new seeds and growing more unusual vegetables.  There is nowhere in the allotment handbook that says the growing of vegetables has to be limited to the usual suspects such as onions, cabbages, lettuces and tomatoes.

I was recently given some seeds from a friend who happened to have a few spare and she asked me if I would like to try growing something entirely new.  I’m not averse to growing different varieties of some popular vegetables. Last season, I grew various types of tomatoes, chillies, squash and potatoes but my friend had given me some seeds for a plant I had never even heard of, let alone know how to grow!

Apparently they are called Achocha. They originate from South America and are a type of cucumber.  A more detailed explanation can be found from The Real Seed Company’s website.

I’ll start these off next Spring and let you know how I get on.  According to my friend, I need lots of room as they grow on a vine and take up quite a bit of space so maybe just one plant to start with.

Anyone else had experience with these plants?

Happy diggin’


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14 Responses to Unusual seeds

  1. I have no knowledge of this plant but looking forward to reading about its growth next year. If it goes well maybe we can do a seed swap

    • I’d be happy to give you some seeds. I believe in paying it forward. They were given to me so I’m happy to pass on to others. Send me a PM with your address details and I will gladly send you some to try too. Maybe, we could experiment together. X

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  3. MrsYub says:

    They sound facinating!! I can’t wait to read about how they go!!

  4. Kitchen-Counter-Culture says:

    I lead fermenting workshops, and someone brought achochas wondering if they’d be suitable as they grew so prolifically. I couldn’t get to grips with how they tasted– kind of… tasteless! But as on the Real Seeds website, stuffing them looks delicious. Excited for you.

  5. Mister Potter has spent a fun time on the Real Seed Company’s website today, ordering lots of interesting stuff, thanks to you!

    • Thanks for your comment Sarah. I hope I don’t get blamed for your other half spending too much money on seeds 😉

      • Not at all. I am always happy for him to buy seeds for the allotment, as it ultimately saves us so much money. Mister presented me with 25 extremely muddy parsnips a couple of days ago. One of them was about 18 inches long, but not in the least woody to eat.

        My dog will only eat allotment parsnips. If I offer her any shop bought ones, she sticks her nose in the air at them!

      • It seems that your dog has good taste and knows good quality. 😉
        Mister seems like he knows a good deal too.

  6. Webmaster says:

    How did your achocha grow? I tried one last year in the greenhouse, got quite a few fruits, treated them like peppers and put them in ratatouille. Very nice. I rubbed the spikes off before I cooked them.

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