Giant Cabbage – Final Update

20131015-145012.jpgWell, we finally did it.  We harvested our giant cabbages that have been growing happily for the last few months.  surprisingly, they both had very little pest damage – just a few nibbles here and there on the outside leaves. Initially, we had planned to weigh the cabbages individually just to get an idea of the weight, I even borrowed a set of fishing scales from a friend for the event, but I simply couldn’t lift them on my own!

Andy managed to get a hold of one of them but only for the shortest time that it took to take the photo!20131015-145034.jpg

Thanks again go to my Uncle Jimmy for giving me the small seedlings and the best advice on their growing conditions.  Here’s to bigger and better next year!!

Happy diggin’


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25 Responses to Giant Cabbage – Final Update

  1. roundhillrob says:

    But how do they taste?
    (its only envy)

  2. Dawn says:

    well done Debbie, I have been to Jimmy’s over the week-end and have brought a slice of one of his giant cabbage’s home and nice it id too, Aunty Dawn xx

  3. Diane Hunt says:

    OMG Debbi, we all know what veg you’re having on your Sunday lunch, Congrats
    Love Diane x

  4. Pecora Nera says:

    Hi Debb,
    They are fantastic, we were only talking about cabbages last Sunday on my blog. 🙂

  5. beeseeker says:

    Bigger and better?
    Love that attitude!
    But these look tremendous already!

  6. Oh my! That cabbage is as big as our entire allotment! 🙂 well done what a monster! Lots of cabbage recipes for you now 🙂 x

  7. Very impressive! Well done!

  8. vicki hickman says:

    Well done Deb.xx Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 17:27:07 +0000 To:

  9. Wow! I am so disappointed in everything brassica in my garden this year due to pest damage. I am impressed with your giant cabbage. Congratulations!

  10. Lindy Joy says:

    I realise it was in October you had this giant cabbage but since it was so big maybe you are still having it for dinners! I am so impressed! Hope I can grow something as big with next year as it’s my first on an allotment. Well done!

    • Oh believe me, we are still eating it! It has still stayed fresh and not gone limp as you would expect with vegetables that have been picked. Give them a go next year. They are definitely worth the effort. 🙂

    • My apologies for the late reply Lindy. I’m sure your allotment will be full of wonderful produce. Have fun experimenting with different varieties too.

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