I’m not sure if you agree with the idea of this; I certainly don’t. Thomson-Morgan sent me an email recently letting me know about a new plant that they claim is a world exclusive – The TomTato. Apparently, this plant grows cherry tomatoes at the top while the root produces white potatoes!

Now I know that tomatoes and potatoes are both from the Solanaceae family, which also includes deadly nightshade, but is this genetic modification gone mad?? Not my cup of tea thanks.

Whatever next! Melons and pumpkins on the same vine? Onions and garlic sharing a bulb? Cauliflowers and broccoli sharing the same head?

Happy diggin’

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2 Responses to TomTato

  1. Penniless Veggie says:

    Oddball I know! My Mr showed me this plant/thing and so far as I know it’s a *graft* not a hybrid, so arguably no more a frankenfood than the average apple tree! Having said that, on seeing the crazy amount of F1’s about now, I’ve decided to stick to fertile heritage varieties – making all our food plants sterile just seems all wrong to me. So I for one won’t be getting it.

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