Planning Ahead!

As the allotment beds start to empty of all the crops grown this year, my mind wanders to what could be replacing their space next year.  I love buying seeds, although on many occasion I have had to hold back from purchasing too many, as I do get click happy when browsing the Internet or online seed catalogues for new varieties.  With peas, beans, squashes and peppers I do try to save my own, but I also get very excited when I see a new variety that I have never tried before.

Seedparade have a massive collection of heirloom varieties that may not be available in the gardening centres or from the bigger seed companies.  At the moment, they also have a discount of 50% off applied to any order over £10!  This was the perfect opportunity for me to try some new varieties to add to my vegetable growing collection.  (I am, by no way profiting from letting you all know about this fantastic offer that they have, I just love to share in a good bargain and have used this company many times)!

I just love the look of the Pea Bean, Cauliflower Romanesco and Chocolate Habanero hot chilli peppers.  These were some of the many seeds that were added to my online shopping list and look forward to growing these next year.

I can’t wait for sowing season to begin already!

Happy sowin’


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1 Response to Planning Ahead!

  1. beeseeker says:

    Thanks for that link.
    Digging today, picking out the last potatoes, peas.
    Your post echoed my thinking.
    Enjoy the planning.

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