Terrific Turnips

20130724-082807.jpgTurnips may not be everyone’s cup of tea in terms of tasty veg, but they have to be one of the easiest, quickest and tastiest veg when grown yourself.

20130724-082813.jpgI wished that I had placed an object next to them for size comparison. They were huge! They were mistaken for swede which are generally much bigger in size. In all honesty I hadn’t wanted them to get that big as that as they are more tender when they are smaller. They will still taste great in a soup or stew and I am just proud that I managed to grow them at all. They made a fantastic side dish to my roast chicken meal. I mashed them all together with potatoes, spring onion, grated cheese and shredded green cabbage and baked in the oven for 20 mins. Delicious!


I just love the colourings on them. To me, they are truly terrific!

Happy diggin’


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9 Responses to Terrific Turnips

  1. MrsYub says:

    I haven’t had much success with turnips right up till this year. Out in the garden right now I have a whole mess of baby turnips coming up, and I can’t wait to sample them!

  2. Penniless Veggie says:

    I’ve never grown turnip. And I hardly ever buy them, though I should cook with them more often as they have a lovely fresh peppery note. Julienned with carrots and swede and *just* cooked they are delish. Bet they’d be great in coleslaw too!

  3. gardeningvix says:

    I love the colour too! They are so satisfying to grow! Xxx

  4. gardeningvix says:

    I have nominated your blog for The Liebster Award! I hope you don’t mind? Check out my blog for info! Vix..xx

  5. You have inspired me to plant some turnips out. I haven’t given them a go yet but will do shortly…

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