Giant Cabbage Update 2

All’s well with the giant cabbages this week. The growth from the recent sunshine has really started to show. Although these 2 are the ones that I believe are destined for glory, the cabbages in the brassica cage are also giving them a run for their money. They are getting to be as big, if not bigger than the ones grown outside the cage.

My money’s on the underdog in the cage 😉

Just thought that I would get Andy in the picture to give you an idea of the size so far as it gets difficult to remove the netting cage for measurements. I would hate to damage them now that they are growing so well.

Happy diggin’

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11 Responses to Giant Cabbage Update 2

  1. Jane Healy says:

    Blimey! Elephants ears or what? I have a lovely cabbage and sweetcorn recipe I can dig out for you!

  2. MrsYub says:

    WOW!! That is amazing! How long you gonna give it before you gotto dig it up? Reckon you can coax it larger? That is so awesome!

  3. Love the photo Debb, what a magnificent specimen.
    (the cabbage!)
    He he.

  4. Sarah says:

    Holy Mackerel!! That’s a whopper!

  5. I think I need a brassica cage next year. And what a lovely cabbage! Nice work.

  6. Pecora Nera says:

    I will send you Mrs Sensible’s recipe. She uses wine, but looking at the size of your cabbages you will need to buy bottles of the stuff.

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