Attack of the Onion Fly!

IMG_0616My overwintering onions on the plot were doing fantastically well. Swelling and growing in the heat and absorbing the bucket loads of water that have been splayed on them. These were so much larger and healthier than the onions that were planted at the end of March, although at one point, they just seemed to be sitting in the ground sulking. They soon got used to their surroundings and decided that it was time to grow. I am really pleased with how they have turned out and will definitely plant my onions sets in October again to overwinter.  Good job really, as the allotment site has had an attack of the onion fly.

I’ve never personally come across it before so when I saw the leaves of the March planted onion sets and recntly planted leeks starting to curl, first of all I put it down to the really hot weather.

That was until there was lots of talk about the dreaded onion fly raising its’ ugly head. The tell – tale signs of withered, curling leaves are the first indication of the attack.

 More information about the onion fly and the signs to look out for can be found on my Spotlights on …Onions post.

For now though, take a look at the examples from my plot. I’m just glad that the overwintering onions were pulled up in time and do not seem to have suffered.


Happy diggin’


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5 Responses to Attack of the Onion Fly!

  1. MrsYub says:

    Oh dear! I hope your crop didn’t suffer too badly?

  2. Debb I am so pleased that you had a good harvest of your overwintered onions. It’s such a long wait for an onion crop that you must be relieved. Hope all is well with the rest of your onion crop.
    I’m not sure how I would do with onions up here in Queensland, with the heat and humidity, but I was given a plant the other day – a small bunch of clumping onions – and I’m looking forward to growing them. I believe that from this one small clump I’ll be able to grow lots of other clumps.

  3. Rooko says:

    Glad you managed to harvest at least some of your Onions. Nasty blighters, Onion fly, just as bad as Carrot fly.

    • Thanks Rooko. I have harvested some great onions but it just goes to show that you can’t take your eye off the ball as far as pests and problems are concerned. They can ruin all of the hard work in an instance.

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