Sun and Sunflowers!

IMG_0625Here in the UK were are in the midst of a fantastic heat wave. Compared to last year’s none existent summer sunshine, it is a welcome change. Loads more watering needing to be done though but at least it is done in glorious conditions. I’m pleased with the progress of how the plants have reacted to the sunny days and warm nights. They all seem to have had a major growth spurt.

IMG_0626Strawberries ripening up by the day, courgettes growing by the second – or at least it seems. Runner beans reaching for the sky with sunflowers as company to encourage the bees to pollinate the pods.

All’s good in the plot – for now!

Happy harvestin’


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9 Responses to Sun and Sunflowers!

  1. beeseeker says:

    Kind of days that I always dreamed of as a novice allotmenteer.

  2. Wonderful weather, isn’t it? Our allotment is thriving. This week we’ve had broad beans, potatoes, beetroot, lettuce, marrow, courgette, raspberries, and the last of the rhubarb to enjoy. Something has got our cabbages, though — a pigeon, I think.

  3. MrsYub says:

    Your sunflowers look gorgeous! Do they have a lot of bees and butterflies visit them?

  4. MrsYub says:

    Right now its about 7 degrees :S Here, does this link work? If it does, this is us now…

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